New Disabled STEMM Role Models

August 7, 2019   |   Posted by: Admin

Our Role Models, a team of disabled STEMM professionals, has grown with new professionals joining forces to inspire  others with their experiences of being disabled and working in STEMM. Click on their names to read their full profiles – we’re thrilled to have Emily Radley and Charlotte Devitz onboard. 

“When your brain or your body don’t do what other people are expecting or what society tells us is normal, that can be hard. That doesn’t mean we’re hard or difficult, it just means we’re different.” Emily Radley – Head of Manufacturing & Technical Support at Hexigone.

“In many ways, my disability is what gave me the drive to keep moving forward and now I am doing work that I absolutely love. I have found more acceptance and support in this (STEMM) community than anywhere else and it is incredibly empowering.” Charlotte Devitz, Masters Student, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.