Partnering with ZSL

February 14, 2019   |   Posted by: Admin

It’s a SENSORY SAFARI for us this term as we continue our theme of active learning, this time exploring Zoology in association with our friends at ZSL London Zoo

We’ve had a roarsome time this week looking at the animals of the savanna with a focus on lions! Did you know an adult male’s roar can be heard up to 8km away and lions run at a speed of up to 81kmph!

We’ve also been looking at mimicry, colour matching, disruptive coloration and countershading as we explore camouflage.

And 3 intrepid Zoologists; Harrison, Molly and Poppy braved the snow to explore Bristol Zoo Gardens, fact finding as part of Sensory Safari term.
Here are their favourites:

🦇Bats hang upside down to air their smelly armpits and because it makes their heads all spinny!
🐢A giant tortoise can drink through its nose
🐢A grown-up giant tortoise can weight as much as 10 children!
🐟Some fish, like cichlids can change from being a male to a female or from being a female to a male
🦈Toasters kill more people year than sharks do
🦍The name gorilla comes from the Greek word “Gorillai’ – a tribe of hairy women!