What we do

Immersive, creative sensory workshops using science to teach life skills.

Led by drama professionals playing entertaining characters.

Storytelling featuring exciting science experiments.

Space, human body and safari themes!


Sensory Science gives all children the chance to children the chance to explore through sensory learning.

All too often disabled children are overlooked in this area, with people assuming they will be unable to participate. Yet actually science has a great appeal – particularly when applied practically, as children can begin to learn there is no right or wrong when exploring and things can go wrong, which is fine, a valuable life skill which special needs children often have difficulty with in life. It can even offer a viable career path for some of our children.

All special needs students can benefit from Sensory Science. For some it’s a support to what the session is about, for others it’s a reinforcement to further scaffold or consolidate learning.

  • “A lovely way to bring the curriculum to life!”  – Teacher, Knowle DGE Academy 
  • “That was the best science lesson ever, I wish every science lesson could be like that!’
    – Rebekah, Year 10

  • “The children engaged fully with the workshop. The variety of activities and sensory props really brought it to life.”
    – Teacher, Knowle DGE Academy


Illminster Specialist Nursery

Our pupils are always delighted by, engaged in and curious about the content delivered by Lightyear and talk about the sessions afterwards. The sensory elements are totally appropriate to their needs. Hugely positive and inspiring.